Methi Mutter Malai

Methi Mutter Malai

This is my first time cooking with Methi (Fenugreek leaves) though I have always eaten this dish at a restaurant. But never knew this is a beautiful simple dish for a weeknight dinner. For all those health freaks this is extremely healthy too, I substituted cream with yoghurt and used coconut oil.

Growing up my mum only used coconut oil in her cooking but when I started cooking I used vegetable oil for a more neutral flavour. But reading about all the health benefits I have switched back to coconut oil. I love the flavour coconut oil lends to the dish. I also recently made a lip balm from coconut oil, though you can taste the coconut flavour, my lips have never been better and it is child friendly too.

I hope you enjoy this recipe as much as I do. I cooked only a small portion as this was my first time cooking with Fenugreek leaves.

Methi Mutter Malai


Adapted from Archana’s kitchen

Fenugreek leaves- 107 gms

Green peas – 50gm (I used frozen peas)

Cumin seeds-  1/4 tsp

Tomato- 1 small , pureed

Yoghurt- 1/2 cup

Sugar- 1/4 tsp

Garam Masala powder- 1/4 tsp

Turmeric powder- 1/4 tsp

Black pepper powder- 1/2 tsp

Coriander powder- 1/4 tsp

Salt- to taste

Coconut oil- 1 tsp

To grind:

Onion- 1 small, roughly chopped

Green chillies- 1 no.

Ginger- 1/2 in

Garlic- 2 cloves

Almonds- 3 nos


  1. Make a smooth paste of all the ingredients under to grind.
  2. Heat half teaspoon of oil in a heavy bottomed pan; add the cumin seeds and let it crackle. Then add the fenugreek leaves and salt. Saute the fenugreek leaves until softened. Once softened, add the green peas and saute for less than a minute. Remove from heat and keep aside. Do not  overcook the leaves as it will lose its nutritive value.
  3. In the same pan, add rest of the oil. Stir in the ground masala paste and saute until the raw smell from the onions go away. This will take about 4 to 5 minutes on low to medium heat.
  4. Once done, stir in the turmeric powder, garam masala powder, pepper powder, coriander powder  and the tomatoes. Stir to combine well. Add in the yoghurt, and give it a stir. Finally, stir in the cooked leaves and  peas. Turn the heat to low and simmer for a few minutes until all the flavours come together.
  5. Check the seasoning. Serve hot with chapatis.
Methi Mutter Malai



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