36 years ….. love and life


 …To make One, there must be Two…
– W.H. Auden

I almost forgot the importance of this day, Happy wedding anniversary Amma and Acha. Its their 36th anniversary. This is an old click of theirs, don’t they look so beautiful.

Amma is very creative, cooks well, she crochets, an excellent tailor, she paints, she is a complete DIY person and handyman at home, oh and also a clean freak (how can I forget), I don’t think I am half as talented as she is. She is ever so energetic, and people love her presence. She can strike a conversation with anyone irrespective of their age. 

Acha, he is the most calm and composed person I know. He starts his day practicing Yoga and ends his day jotting down memories of the day. He is very organised. He doesn’t have the creative bug in him, but always supports my mum by providing everything she needs to pursue her talents. He never keeps anything for later, he goes out of his way to help anyone.

My sister and I share a strong bond with Amma and Acha. They are our best friends and I hope R grows up sharing the same relationship with me and S, as I have with Amma and Acha.


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